The challenge of retelling Grimms’ fairy tales
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In Saturday’s Guardian newspaper, Philip Pullman described the challenges involved in retelling fifty of his favourite Grimm fairy tales. Originally gathered in 19th century Germany by the Grimm brothers, they have not been published in a revised form for some time. However, Pullman’s collection is published on September 27th by Penguin. You can read his Guardian piece in full here.


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Bookwitch Interview with Philip Pullman
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Back in early August Bookwitch published an interview with Philip Pullman conducted at the Manchester Children’s Book Festival in July. Pullman has rarely granted interviews in recent years, so this is an unusual opportunity to discover his thoughts on a variety of issues and find out how his various projects (writing and non-writing), including the Book of Dust, are going. Read the interview in full here.

Philip Pullman being interviewed by Bookwitch at the Manchester Children’s Book Festival 2012


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BTTS back up
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If you’ve tried to visit the site in the past few days, you’ll have noticed that you may not have been able to access it. This is because we had a hack, which has fortunately now been fixed. Hopefully it should stay that way, but we do apologise to those of you who tried to reach the site!

Thanks for your patience, and if you spot anything suspicious then please let us know by e-mailing us.

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April Giveaway – Happy World Book Day & Night!
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Today is Shakespeare’s birthday and international World Book Day, as well as World Book Night. World Book Night is a celebration of reading and books which sees tens of thousands of passionate volunteers gift books in their communities to share their love of reading. It began last year in the UK and is now being celebrated for the first time in Ireland, the US and Germany.

Last yearNorthern Lights was one of the titles being given away as part of the million book giveaway that is World Book Night. This year, there isn’t a Pullman book on the list – but we’re giving you the chance to win one of two World Book Night books: Rebecca or Notes From A Small Island.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning one of these books is send us an e-mail at by midnight GMT on the 30th of April, with the subject line “World Book Night” telling us which book you’d like to receive. Anyone can enter, wherever you are in the world, but in the spirit of World Book Night, we ask that if you win you pass the book on to someone else to read. Good luck!

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Pullman adds voice to Botanic Gardens guide
Posted on by Niall

His Dark Materials fans who visit Oxford’s Botanic Garden can now enjoy an audio guide from author Phillip Pullman. The Garden has special importance to fans of the series due its role in the heartbreaking conclusion of The Amber Spyglass. As a result, Pullman has been asked to record part of a voice guide for the garden, in which he talks about its significance to Will and Lyra, in particular a bench which plays a key role in the young couple’s story. Pullman told the Oxford Mail that he thought the audio guide was a great idea, and that he was particularly keen to contribute due to ‘the bench’, as it is known to fans: “It’s a nice bench in a very nice place – the Botanic Garden is such a lovely thing to have in Oxford.”

Pullman also offered a brief update on the much-anticipated His Dark Materials companion work The Book of Dust, insisting that it was proceeding well and would be finished just as soon as: “I write the words: ‘the end’”.

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