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Aleth.JPG Lyra's World

Daemon: unknown


Ma Costa is prominent Gyptian. She has a loud voice and large hands capable of dealing someone a heavy blow -- she is very protective of her children. She is described as a queen among Gyptians, though it appears to denote respect for her rather than governing power. She is the mother of Billy, who was captured by the Gobblers and Tony Costa.

Lyra's Nurse

She was the wet-nurse of Lyra, and saw when Lord Asriel killed Edward Coulter. She petitioned the court to adopt Lyra when Lord Asriel was found guilty of Coulter's murder and Mrs. Coulter abandoned Lyra, but she was refused.


In The Golden Compass, Ma Costa's dæmon is a hawk, but, in early versions of {{Northern Lights]] her dæmon was also described as a large dog. There seems to be a remnant of the dog dæmon when the hawk

"bent gently to lick Pantalaimon's wildcat head"
The Golden Compass, "Chapter 6 - The Throwing Nets"
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